#2 – Living Paper – 17 March 2016

Jane Arnfield, Wessie Ling, Richard Kotter

Living Paper

A performance of dressed data sourced from the living and the dead
working with Northumbria University Arts, Human Geography and Design students

Click here for Video of Living Paper (edited version)

Click here for Video of Living Paper (full version)

Living Performance Group Northumbria University
Polly Aconley
Rhianne Bowes
Jade Cunningham
Camilla Irvine-Fortescue
Hannah Scarr
Lucy Simm
Katie Smith

Living Performance Group NU Researchers
Farjana Ali
Shohaib Gohar
Rosie Goode

Directors and Researchers of Living Paper
Jane Arnfield & Wessie Ling
Richard Kotter


Archive: Chun–Chao Chiu