Sophie Foster – Chance and Control

Chance and Control – Drawing Workshop

As a way to encourage experimentation through mark-making, artist Sophie Foster ran a drawing workshop for BA First and Second Year Fine Art students that inspired the use of drawing as research and artistic documentation. The session explored the ways of using controlled and uncontrollable processes and how these could be communicated within the same drawing. For example, with reference to musical notation, the straight lines of the staves can be considered as set or controlled elements, whereas the musical notes are the more random elements.

Through a series of drawings, students experimented with both drawing aspects as a conceptual framework for developing ideas. By using a range of different materials, students could decide which methods suited to certain processes. A final drawing was then established, using grids or geometric figures, around, in, through and over the more automatic techniques. This created aesthetic tensions between the intended figures and the unintended drawing actions.

Work produced by students and artists during the workshop: