Keith McIntyre

Professor of Fine Art and Head of Arts

The theme of ‘the immortal memory’ has been driving much of Keith’s work over the past 10 years. As with the polemical eulogy in the Burns supper, concepts that were meaningful in the past are transcribed with a new resonance and potency for the present and the future. Drawing is fundamental to the practice. The potential of large-scale ink on paper drawing offers a vehicle to analyse and interrogate subjects with greater scrutiny. These works can be exhibited as pieces in their own right or become the catalyst for improvisation workshops where constructed narratives emerge out of a larking process.

In a number of projects the drawings have energised these visual imaginations into collaborative work in theatre, dance, film and musical collaborations.

As a printmaker, the notion of immortalising and synergising the drawing, photography and performance elements into one image remains a vital outcome. Paper becomes not only the support for the image, but a material form that engages the audience as an idea in itself.