Daksha Patel (2011- )

My practice engages with digital visualisation technologies that scan and map the human body. The process of drawing is central to my practice, and I am interested in the relationship between systems of measurement, classification, mapping and the human body.

I experiment with drawing materials that are unstable and fugitive, such as oil, animal fat and clay, and grounds such as vellum and hand made paper.

My research is concerned with the visual representation of data, and explores how the artist’s drawing, in response to biomedical imagery, may offer new insights into the visualisation of scientific knowledge. I am is particularly interested in concepts of ‘noise’ and ‘signal’ in scientific studies and have developed a drawing project ‘Noise+Signal’ that was performed at FACT, Liverpool, and Cornerhouse, Manchester in 2014. During the event, I created a hand drawn bio-map from signals generated by bio-sensors worn by participants in the space, which were projected in real time upon paper.

I am currently developing a new project ‘Airborne’, that will explore the relationship between the human body and air quality. I will be working with SEM (scanning electron micrography) and GIS (geographical information systems) to map the interaction between the external environment and the internal body through the process of drawing.

Daksha is currently undertaking her PhD project, “Contemporary Drawing Practice, Medical Visualisation and the Body Repositioned”