Caroline Ali (2014 – )

Caroline Ali (2015) Sims 5 (detail) [ink and graphite on paper]

Rooted in practice-led drawing, my research project aims to investigate synergies between Fine Art copy drawing[1] practices and Paper Conservation retouching[2] of work on paper. The interdisciplinary nature of this investigation will focus on shared models of meaning and practice concerning copy with the purpose of identifying innovative points of reference useful to both disciplines.

Drawings in the Charles Sims R.A. ((1873-1928) archive at Northumbria University are a focus for this study. The interdisciplinary reach of this project will be explored through observing and recording scheduled conservation treatments of a select number of Sims drawings. Evidence recorded at these observations aims to create a unique position from which to investigate retouching of drawings within the context of paper conservation.

Caroline is currently undertaking her PhD project, ‘Reconstructing the Copy: Synergies between Fine Art Copy Drawing and Paper Conservation Retouching of Drawings, with special consideration of the archive of Charles Sims R.A. (1873-1928).

[1] Drawing from an older drawing

[2] Repair a drawing by making slight additions or alterations.