Lizzie Consterdine (2013-2014)

Although I have engaged in a multi-disciplinary course, my current practice is based on exploring the process of “the making” and how they can be defined as actual work of art, seeing the art as pure human expression. My practice looks at the gathering, the sorting, collecting, and the physically manipulating of a material or an object. I am particularly interested in the creative journey each action makes rather than as a deliverable or end product.

Paper is a material I always seem to be drawn towards in my practice, whether it’s used for drawing or sculptures. Recently I have been exploring the idea of using my physical strength to change the materials size, surface, colour and texture. I often call these small paper experiments drawings, which play a very important part of my work and they both motivate a positive practice.

Having researching process art I became hugely influenced by Richard Serra’s Verb list, this encouraged me to create my own set of lists which I could employ to my own practice.

Place, Space, Soak, Wrinkle, Destroy, Fragile, Crush, Body Strength, Fold, Crease, Selection, Process.

Lizzie completed her MA in Fine Art, Northumbria University in 2013. She was Graduate Fellow in Paper Studio Northumbria (2013-14) enabling her to continue her postgraduate research.