Joanna Hutton (2015-2016)

Joanna Hutton’s work is situated within a political and ethical framework and has her personal experience at its core, surrounded by motifs associated with societal responsibility. The current situation humanity faces is an immensely potent one. She is concerned about the path of human evolution; she feels we are progressing but not advancing. Her works reveal several themes: transfer and exchange, circularity and repetition, transition and depletion, borders and boundaries, trace and the absent presence, where time and duration are evident throughout.

Hutton’s work manifests itself physically as sculptures, installations and video works which combine the domestic with light industrial, with both process and materiality being inherently important. Experiments are cannibalised from accessible equipment. Performance, or activity, often occurs as she proposes situations for which the outcome is uncertain, so there is an obsessive interference, a prodding, an inability to leave things to run their course. Nudging. Adjusting. Defining.

Hutton completed her MFA in Fine Art at BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art, Northumbria University in 2015. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally.  Her position as Associate Fellow, PSN has enabled her to continue her postgraduate research.