Ross Hamilton Frew (2014-2015)

My practice utilises a series of frameworks ranging from the Van de Graff canon to graphic design grid-systems. These act as the starting point throughout my practice and the repetitive nature of this method allows for the exploration of the basic concepts of line, shape, form, pattern and symmetry. These frameworks act as a tool, both physically and conceptually, and through this it is my aim to explore the already existing models, principles, and laws that apply to systems in geometric and mathematical drawing.

By continuing this ideology throughout my practice the paper stock I use has also become a tool for production; an object that assists in an experimentation. This process involves the exploration of various methods of paper production. By lacing, layering and imbedding the produced stock with natural and synthetic fibres such as magnetic tape and lichen I am able to create pre-existing variations of the aforementioned frameworks in the paper itself. Thus allowing the paper to dictate the drawing that will adorn its surface.

The static frameworks are spin cycled through a man made process creating a tension between what appears made by hand and made by machine. The repetitive straight lines of the adorned drawings reference the printed matter that the Van de Graaf canon was used to create, yet the inevitability of human error and the unpredictability of a hand made product give the drawing no other option than to forgo any ideas of perfection. With this removed the emphasis is solely aimed towards creating new experimentation in contemporary drawing.

Ross was awarded a Creative Scotland Award to carry out a residency at PSN, 2014-15. He is based in Isle of North of Uist and Glasgow and works predominantly with drawing.