Sophie Foster (2013-2014)

My work revolves around the aspect of time; how processes change over a durational period through dismantle and decay, to documentation where I emphasise the method of an art development over its finished aesthetic. My work mostly gains its inspiration from the simple, everyday processes within nature, choosing and editing natural processes in an attempt to create something beautiful. This approach originally started through drawing as a documentative method; as a way to discover new ideas and approaches. ‘To draw’ is essentially to make marks and I explored this avenue through providing importance to a single drawn line: how it can be repeated in a patterned effect, used to pinpoint a structure or emulate time from where a process begins and ends. By pushing the boundaries of material, use of paper and what a ‘mark’ is, how it can be achieved and how it can involve the viewer, it becomes a form of expression revealing a personal concept of the artist involved. Drawing though observation was an integral part of my artistic training, however my work has since expanded, focussing on the investigative world of seeing, the documentation of time passing and the meditative process.

During the AA2A residency at Northumbria University, I developed a more site-specific works approach, using paper as an art object responding to a certain space or phenomenon. After becoming instantly fascinated with what can be achieved on paper after making it myself, I realised its potential as an art form. Japanese paper is a material that I have used prolifically due to its texture and somewhat fragile appearance, a material that has an instant connection to the natural that can easily disintegrate into nothing. This has been interlinked with my use of drawing as research through the mapping of natural journeys, an idea that has been developed in the rural landscape documenting the flight configurations of birds.

Sophie has a Combined Honours degree in Contemporary Drawing, Art History and English Literature, Newcastle University, 2010. She has run workshops for adults at both Newcastle Arts Centre and the Workers Educational Association.

Header image: Sophie Foster (2014) ‘Trail Drawing’, ink on Japanese paper (80×60 cm)